2014 Class Schedule

Belly Dance:  Technique
Fridays, 6pm-7pm

Dance is art in motion.  Experience the beauty of Raqs Sharqi, or Egyptian Belly Dance.  This expressive, elegant dance is a great way to improve flexibility, muscle tone, and posture.  Challenge your body and mind in a fun and creative way.  Class will cover isolations, shimmies, basic combinations, and traveling steps.   No prior experience necessary.

Belly Dance: Veils
Fridays, 7pm-8pm

Belly Dance Technique……with veils!!  This series will focus on the art of veil work.  We will add another dimension to our technique class, using graceful shapes and lines in simple but elegant combinations and choreography.  No prior experience necessary.  Bring a veil if you have one, but extras will be available.

Classes are located at the
Paramus Community School
145 Spring Valley Road, Paramus, NJ
Call 201-261-7800 x3038 to register, or
Sign up online


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